Center For Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies (CALTS)
(Accredited as Centre of Excellence By The Research Council of Great Britain)

Objectives: The MT systems developed under Phase-I will be further improved upon in Phase-II. The objectives of this project ca be divided into two categories:


Enhance the developed Indian Language Machine Translation System (ILMT) for real time, on line deployment over the web for general use. The various sub-goals would be as:

  • Improve Accuracy: The efficiency of the system would be enhanced to Above 85%; Punjabi-Hindi, Hindi-Punjabi, Urdu-Hindi, Hindi-Urdu, Telugu-Tamil; 70-85%; Tamil-Telugu, Hindi-Telugu, Marathi-Hindi, Bengali-Hindi; 60-70%; Telugu-Hindi, Tamil-Hindi, Hindi-Tamil, Hindi-Marathi, Hindi-Bengali; 50-60%; Kannada-Hindi, Hindi-Kannada, Malayalam-Tamil, Tamil-Malayalam.

  • Improve Speed

  • Make the MT System into a Product

  • Standard Roman Transliteration scheme for Indian Scripts

    GOAL B:

    • Build MT Workbench for human translators

    • Customise MT System for selected user organization

    • Deployment at user site and Onsite Hand Holding Support